De una piedra de gracia, for marimba, and Chamber Orchestra

"Y sucedió que incontables gracias nacieran de una piedra de gracia"

"And it so happened that uncountable graces were born of a stone of grace"

From "The Book  of Mayan Spirits"

In the cosmology of the Mayas there are various cycles of creation starting from simple elements and building upon themselves.  The sober poetry of this fragment was the starting point for the piece.  Through the three sections there is a increase in the complexity in the material and in the interraction between the players. Concurrently the degree of independance and stratification decrease all the way to the final homophonic unison. 

The conceptual climax is the bare statement of the "originating" idea: the text.

Tiempos IV - Atoms, for Orchestra

The precision of the best mechanical clocks cannot rival that of the atomic clock which homes in on the absolute regularity of quantum changes within the atom.  This regularity and the apparent simplicity of the atom are in contrast to the complex statistical nature of its electronic states, and the (growing) number of discovered sub-atomic particles. The fourth movement: "Atoms" is inspired by this notion of complexity generated by multiple simplicities.

Tiempos II - Water/Clock, for Orchestra

The ancient clepsydra, or water clock, measured time by gradual flow of water.  In “Water Clock”  the diffuse and fluid energy of water is transformed into rhythmic time, while always retaining the impalpable quality of the liquid element.


Tiempos - Sun/Dial, for Orchestra

The multi-movement Time Pieces is inspired by clocks through the ages, from the sun dial to the atom clock.  The sun dial's time is primal, slow moving and only impresses on us the certainty that segments of the day have elapsed, a fact paralleled by the sectional nature of this movement.  The use of special microtonal percussion highlights the disembodied nature of light.  Since the sundial only works when the sun is casting focused rays, there is in the music a constant interplay between the diffused and the focused.